Our History

JT Racing

Amazingly, it all started with socks. Colorful, stretchy motocross socks that John and Rita Gregory – a pharmacist couple living in San Diego – figured might sell well enough to offset John’s growing racing expenses during the late 1960s

By the 1970's John and Rita were selling so many socks that they needed to name the company. The socks were made in Tijuana so the first name proposed was TJ Racing, unfortunately, due to Tijuana's dodgy reputation, it was decided that the TJ should be flipped to JT and JT racing was born.  

By the 1980's JT racing wasn't just selling socks they were the market leaders in motocross gear development. They were the first company to design a full face helmet, the first company to introduce chest protection and the first company to integrate venting into riding gear.

JT Racing became the biggest brand in motocross by the 1990's when it all went a bit pear-shaped. Due to massive competition and a number of marketing blunders, the founding couple decided to sell the brand in 2001. Once sold the brand sat in hibernation until 2012 when it was reignited by new owners.

Today the brand is slowly rebuilding its market share by producing innovative gear for a growing worldwide market.